Welcome to Fairway Lawn and Tree Service of Cape Cod.

Your lawn plays a very important part in our community. Sure, lawns add beauty to the neighborhood with their pleasing appearance, but there are so many other jobs that grass is responsible for. Did you know that grass absorbs dust, pollen, and pollution from the air? They control soil erosion with their huge root systems, and they dissipate the sun’s rays to make those hot summer days a little cooler, and also what better place to play outdoor sports on? Add weeds, moss, thatch and disease to all this work and.. your lawn is stressed out! But to whom does a lawn turn for  help coping with the problems it faces everyday?

The answer, of course is Fairway Lawn And Tree Service. We are lawn and tree care specialist. We pride ourselves on offering real solutions and results to your lawn problems. We have done the research and listened to the lawn and trees, so now Fairway can offer sensible lawn and tree care programs that we know your lawn, tree and shrubs will love you for. Our programs work with your lawn and trees in a way to make them, and keep them, healthy, thick and green.

Fairway Lawn And Tree Service offers a high level of service to our customers, whom we serve over 4000 residential and commercial customers here on Cape Cod. We always use high quality materials and top of the line equipment. The founder of Fairway Lawn And Tree Service has set high standards and there is a full year round professional staff that work hard to maintain them. Take a look at our list of services and you will see that we offer more than lawn and tree care services such as weed control, flea and tick control and mosquito control. Your business is important to us, so that means your comments are also valued. You will notice opportunities to provide feedback, and we use this information to continue offering great services and service to you the customer.

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