Fairway Tree and Shrub Services

Fairway Tree and Shrub division is dedicated to the health of your ornamental plants, trees and shrubs. A property assessment includes an inventory of all plantings, analysis of soil conditions, exposure to sun, wind, and salt; a determination of volume of irrigation, and potential and existing pest problems.

Regular maintenance programs include seasonal applications for:

  • Deep Root Fertilization
  • Dormant Oil Applications
  • Insect & Disease Control
  • Winter Protection
  • Flower bed Fertilization

Fairway offers a wide variety services. Ask us about our special service Treatments

  • Flea and Tick control Treatments
  • Mosquito Control Spray Treatment
  • Winter Moth Treatment
  • Tip Weevil Preventative
  • Tip Moth Preventative
  • Woolly Adelgid Treatment
  • Pine Borer Preventative


Our Tree and Shrub specialist will determine the extent of pest management required and also if soil deficiencies are causing irregular leaf color and bark dysplasia in your trees. Many homeowners are remiss in providing appropriate nutrients for their trees and shrubs. Fairway Tree and Shrub division will assure that your ornamental yard plantings and trees are healthy in order to maximize the lifespan of your investments.

The Fairway Lawn and Tree Renewal Program
At the beginning of every calendar year, Fairway Lawn and Tree will mail you a copy of a proposed custom tree and shrub fertilizer and pest control program for the upcoming year. If you choose to accept the proposal, you have the option to pay in advance for the year, or be invoiced monthly for services. Customers who pay before March 31 receive 10% off. After April 1, a prepayment discount of 6% is in effect.

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